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Boni's Class Descriptions

Class FAQ's

Boni's Babies is a fun-filled 30-minute “mommy” & me class that allows students & parents to interact in a playful environment. The class focuses on music & motor exploration activities using the giant parachute, ping pong balls, bean bags, scarves, ribbons, and obstacle course. Ages: 14-24 month olds

Tots & Tutu's is a 30 minute first dance class without a parent; skills focus on circle time, music and motor activities with rhythm sticks and bean bags, name recognition, directionality, ballerina walk and curtsy, first position, plies', sliding, galloping and working with a partner. Ages: 2 year olds

Pre-Ballet is a 45 minute class; skills focus on similar activities learned in Tots & Tutus class. Adding skipping, releve’, passe’, chasse’, more feet & arm positions. Ages: 3 years olds

Split Classes (Ballet & Tap / Ballet & Jazz / Tap & Jazz) is a 60 minute class; half an hour of each style of dance. Ages: 4 years olds (Ballet & Tap), 5 & 6 year olds (Ballet & Tap, Ballet & Jazz and Tap & Jazz)

Ballet is a more structured class than our combo class, a more formal setting that will give students the discipline to mature as ballerinas. Classical French technique with a mix of Russian & Cecchetti styles. Focus on vocabulary & French terminology as well as musicality, balance & coordination. Proper body technique & alignment will be emphasized as well as strength & flexibility. Work at the barre, center work & across the floor as well.

Jazz  classes combine techniques of ballet and modern dance and can take on many different characteristics, and styles including Broadway, Contemporary, Lyrical, Percussive and Street Jazz. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy and style. Each level of jazz is a continuation of the previous level and increases in difficulty.

Tap. The rhythm & movement of tap, created by the metal taps on the heels & toes of a dancer’s shoes, transform the dancer into a percussive musician. Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms & beats not only in music but also in their own bodies. Making sounds with different parts of the tap shoe, toe taps, heel digs, shuffles & ball changes are taught at the beginner level. Each level of tap is geared toward mastering of skills & building upon the technique previously learned.

Hip Hop Through the fundamentals of hip hop movement, the dancer will enjoy an upbeat and high energy class. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, super body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Choreography will focus on combinations but also personal style and expression.

Lyrical and Leaps & Turns is a contemporary form of ballet and jazz, this class is set to today’s music and its dances interpret the words of songs and are expressed by the dancer in the body and face. Leaps & Turns is a portion of each class. Emphasis is on the importance or energy, rhythmical accuracy and style

Musical Theater incorporates a combination of Jazz and acting. With this style of dance, you are working through Jazz technique while portraying a character. Using songs from Broadway, we focus on bringing out our inner actor/actress!

Adult Classes we offer Ballet, Tap, Clogging, Jazz and Liturgical Worship Dance adult classes.

Off-Site Classes dance classes held at our off-site locations which include Interfaith, Children of The Woodlands, Living Word and Brighton Academy. Motor Skills, Exploration, Independence, Music, Fun

  • What Is Boni's Dress Code?
    All Boni’s dancers are required to wear appropriate attire to class. Our dress code is designed so teachers can observe that the dancer is utilizing proper alignment and muscles in class as well as the dancer’s body lines, including posture, arms, legs and feet. Dancers will get the most out of their classes when the dress code is followed.   It is very important to understand the importance of implementing a dress code in our programs. Our studio prides itself on a professional environment. Not only will it teach the children discipline, it will also help them take responsibility for their dance uniform. Please make it a priority to ensure your child has the proper dance wear and shoes for each class. Boni’s General Dress Code It is preferred for girls to wear a leotard at all times for all classes, with the exception of hip hop class. Long hair should be worn in a bun (preferred) or tight ponytail, secured away from face, for all classes. For the safety of all dancers, no jewelry, other than small earrings should be worn in class.  Ankle Length and Capri Leggings can be worn for certain classes (see individual class dress code). NO Booty Shorts for any class. Dancers should always wear a cover-up when going to and from the studio.  Street Shoes are not permitted on studio floors. Do not wear dance shoes outside the building, including hip hop shoes. Please bring all dance shoes in a dance bag. Label all shoes, dance wear and dance bags with dancers name. Dancers are responsible for wearing the proper attire to their classes.  All instructors will enforce dress code.
  • What Is Acceptable Dancewear For Class?
  • Does my name need to be on my belongings?
    Yes! Please label all shoes, dancewear, dance bags, coats, etc. with the students first and last name. Please write your dancers name on the inside of their shoes. If the item left behind is properly labeled, the studio will attempt to contact the parent and hold that item in the front office.
  • Do you have a lost-and-found?
    Yes! There is a lost and found bin located in each studio at all 3 Boni's locations and in the dressing rooms. Please check the office for lost jewelry or hair items. Items will be donated during Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks and when the bin is too full. Boni's Dance & Performing Arts Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • When Do Classes Start?
    2024-2025 dance season begins
  • How do I stay up-to-date with studio news & important information?
    All registered accounts will automatically be subscribed to our email mailing list and will receive our monthly newsletter, studio updates and important emails. You can unsubscribe or change your email preferences at any time through your Parent Portal. To keep up with the most important studio information, register, and make payments online, download the Boni's Dance & Performing Arts Studio App Today! Make sure to enable push notifications to receive updates directly from Boni's! We are also on Facebook and Instagram! Become a fan and keep up with the latest Boni's news.
  • What if my dancer misses a class?
    If a student will be missing 2 or more consecutive weeks of class, please contact the studio office. The office staff will relay the information to the instructors. There are no refunds for missed classes. These can be made up any time in an age-appropriate and level class. Please contact the main studio front office for information and to schedule a make up.
  • Can I come in and watch my child's class?
    Holiday dances are the only times parents and families are invited into the classroom. During the rest of the dance season we hold open curtain weeks during certain months, these dates will be listed on our studio calendar. At all other times our classes are closed-door sessions. Please do not open the door during class time.
  • How do I know which class to register my dancer for?
    Visit the image at the bottom of this page which will help you know which class to register for dependent on age. Each year we use Sep 1st of the registration year to gauge a dancers age for class.
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