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Orlando Moreno

Orlando Moreno born and raised in Laredo, Texas. Started his path in dance at the Vidal M. Trevino School of Communication and Fine Arts in high school. Learning all sorts of styles from Ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz and modern but Hip Hop peaked the most interest. Orlando started teaching classes at the age of 16 years old at the Fine Arts School, and once graduated from Highschool, He attended Hip-Hop conventions and battles such as Jump, Monsters of Hip hop, World of Dance(Houston and Dallas) and master foundational classes from originators of the craft. After a few years in Texas Orlando went to Los Angeles for five years to continue to learn and become a Hip-Hop teacher and educator of his own caliber, so that he can help ensure the future generations of Hip-Hop dancers. Training at prestige studios such as Debbie Reynolds( now Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studios), Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Performing Arts, Evolution Studios, MovementLifestyle and IDA.  As well as attaining performing opportunities such as Carnival, Club Jete, and the pre Kids Choice Awards for Nickelodeon in 2016. After suffering an achilles injury, Orlando moved back to Laredo Texas and started teaching at Lily Hachar Dance Studio, Laredo School of Contemporary Dance, and Dynamic Dance Studio. During his time in Laredo, Orlando helped cultivate hip hop programs and lessons  to better each student so they are able to gain confidence, build hard work ethic, help find each student's identity in Hip-Hop and curate a safe environment to build the inner artist of each student. Now residing in Houston,Tx, Orlando will continue to pass along knowledge and skill sets to better prepare future generations of dancers and help create a safe environment so the student can flourish in their own dance career path. 

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