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Lorie Alexander

EnStage Team Director 


Lorie Alexander has 37 years of teaching experience.  She is originally from Tyler, TX and started dancing at the age of 2.  She studied various styles of dance and received intensive training from several local studios.  She got her first teaching opportunity at the age of 12 and continued to teach dance throughout high school.  Lorie moved to Nacogdoches to become the Coach/Coordinator for the Stephen F. Austin State University Dance/Pom Squad leading them to two NDA National Collegiate titles in 1995 & 1996.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology & Dance in May of 1997.   She moved to Atlanta, Georgia and continued to teach dance, coach, and choreograph at a few studios.  Lorie was the Company Director for several years while in Georgia.  During that time her choreography continued earning several Double Platinums & Top1st divisional Overall Awards. She moved back to Texas with her family, her husband Joseph and their 3 children Madeline, William & John.  Lorie always has a positive attitude and is full of electric energy that is demonstrated in all of her classes.  She has an intense passion for teaching dance and enjoys teaching life lessons through the art of dance to all of her students.  Lorie has been teaching at Boni’s for 7 years and continues to have a positive impact on her dance students. “Life is truly a blessing.  Find something positive everyday and you’ll find life to be SO much sweeter. Be The Light!!”

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