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Boni’s I 2015-2016 Fall Session
Marcel Boni’s II 2015-2016 Fall Session

How to Register

1. Choose (click on) your session above. A new window will open.
2. In the new window, on the right hand side you will choose “I am a new account or student” unless you are preregistered for a class already.
3. Create an account with parents name.
4. On-line registration sets your account up for automatic credit card processing each month. See the front office to complete your waiver & release form.

Registration Policy

  • Online registrations begins Saturday, April 25 for current & Monday, May 4th for new students
  • Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis.
  • Classes are closed once capacity is reached and a wait list will be started.
  • Yearly registration is $55.00 for the first family member and $30 for each additional family member
  • Yearly registration fees are non-refundable.
  • One installment for tuition is due at the time of registration.
  • The nine remaining installments will be paid August through April.
  • Starting 7/1/2015 – Two Installments (first and last month) will be collected
  • Boni’s reserves the right to terminate classes with an enrollment of six or fewer students.
  • Class times are subject to change depending on enrollment

Payment Policy

  • Tuition for each month is due on the 28th of the previous month and late after the 3rd. (For example, payment on 7/28 is for August.)
  • Full tuition is due every month regardless of attendance and/or school holidays. Tuition for the 2015/2016 dance session is divided into ten equal installments. Payments do not vary due to holidays or the number of weeks in a month. Boni’s gaurantees a minimum of 32 classes during the season.
  • Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and AMEX are accepted. An automatic monthly charge can be established. Online registration sets this charge up. There is a 4% convenience fee for all transactions for this optional service.
  • Parents of students wishing to drop a class must give written notice to the registrar, in the front office, two months (60days) in advance. Failure to do so will make you responsible for tuition that month.
  • Missed classes will not result in a prorated tuition or refund. Make-up classes may be scheduled with the front office for students who miss class due to illness / injury. Missed classes must be made up with thirty days.
  • A $15 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 3rd of the month. Holidays or a students absence from class does not waive this late fee. Boni’s does not send monthly statements. Payment coupon books are mailed out as a courtsey to parents.
  • Postdated checks are not accepted.
  • Return check charge $30.00

Please allow 5 business days for processing your registration. The bookkeeper will send you a confirmation by email. Thank you.

Boni's 2015 - 2016 Handbook

Boni’s Babies (14 – 24 month olds)

A fun-filled 30-minute “mommy” & me class that allows students & parents to interact in a playful environment. The class focuses on music & motor exploration activities using the giant parachute, ping pong balls, bean bags, scarves, ribbons, and obstacle course.

Tots & Tutus (2 yr olds)

A 30-minute first dance class without a parent; skills focus on circle time, music & motor activities with rhythm sticks & bean bags, name recognition, directionality, ballerina walk & curtsy, first position, plies’, sliding, galloping and working with a partner.

Pre-Ballet (3 yr olds)

A 45-minute class; skills focus on similar activities learned in Tots & Tutus class. Adding skipping, releve’, passe’, chasse’, more feet & arm positions.

Ballet & Tap combo (B & T)

60-minute class, ½ hr of ballet & ½ hr of tap.

Ballet & Tumbling (B & Tumb.)

60-minute class, ½ hr of ballet & ½ hr of tumbling. Tumbling skills include front & back rolls, straddle rolls, back limbers and cartwheels.

Ballet & Jazz combo (B & J)

60-minute class, ½ hr of ballet & ½ hr of jazz.

Tap & Jazz (T & J)

60-minute class, ½ hr of tap & ½ hr of jazz.


A more structured class than a combo class. A more formal setting that will give students the discipline to mature as ballerinas. Classical French technique with a mix of Russian & Cecchetti styles. Focus on vocabulary & French terminology as well as musicality, balance & coordination. Proper body technique & alignment will be emphasized as well as strength & flexibility. Work at the barre, center work & across the floor as well.


The rhythm & movement of tap, created by the metal taps on the heels & toes of a dancer’s shoes, transform the dancer into a percussive musician. Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms & beats not only in music but also in their own bodies. Making sounds with different parts of the tap shoe. Toe taps, heel digs, shuffles & ball changes are taught at the beginner level. Each level of tap is geared toward mastering of skills & building upon the technique previously learned.


This class combines techniques of ballet & modern dance and can take on many different characteristics and styles including Broadway, Contemporary, Lyrical, Percussive and Street Jazz. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy and style. Each level of jazz is a continuation of the previous level and increase in difficulty.

Hip Hop

Through the fundamentals of hip-hop movement, the dancer will enjoy an upbeat & high-energy class. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Choreography will focus on combinations but also personal style & expression.


A contemporary form of ballet & jazz. This class is set to today’s music and its dances interpret the words of songs & are expressed by the dancer in the body & face.


TUITION SCHEDULE (The Woodlands & Boni’s II Studios)

Class Prices Per Dancer Monthly Fees
B’s Babies or Tots & Tutus $75.00
Pre-Ballet class $75.00
45 minutes – 1 Hour per week $75.00
1½ -1¾ Hours per week $110.00
2 – 2¼ Hours per week $120.00
2½ – 2¾ Hours per week $130.00
3 – 3¼ Hours per week $140.00
3½ – 3¾ Hours per week $150.00
4 – 4¼ Hours per week $160.00
4½ – 4¾ Hours per week $170.00
5 – 5¼ Hours per week $180.00
5½ – 5¾ Hours per week $190.00
6 – 6¼ Hours per week $200.00
6½ – 6¾ Hours per week $210.00
7 – 7¼ Hours per week Hours per week $220.00
5 – 5¾ Hours per week $250.00
6 – 6¾ Hours per week $270.00
7 – 7¾ Hours per week $290.00
8 – 8¾ Hours per week $310.00
9 – 9¾ Hours per week $330.00
10 – 10¾ Hours per week $350.00
11 – 11¾ Hours per week $370.00
12 – 12¾ Hours per week $390.00
13 – 13¾ Hours per week $410.00
14 – 14¾ Hours per week $430.00
15 – 15¾ Hours per week $450.00

Private Use of Studio – $25.00 per 1/2 hour
Clinics – 70/30 split with Boni’s



Any Dance Class

White or black crew neck T-shirt, black jazz pants, black sweat pants or black basketball shorts. Black socks, black shoes for the appropriate class – ballet, tap or jazz.


Boni’s Babies, Allie’s Angels, Tots & Tutus

Any comfortable clothing or lavender leotard, pink tights, and pink leather ballet shoes.

Pre Ballet

Pink leotard (any style), pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes. Long Hair in a ponytail.

Ballet & Tap Combination

Black leotard (any style), pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes (no ribbons; replace with tap ties or elastic) and dance bag for shoes. Long hair in a ponytail.

Ballet & Jazz Combination

Black leotard (any style), pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black jazz shoes (any style) and dance bag for shoes. Long hair in a ponytail.

Ballet/Tap/Tumbling or Ballet/Jazz/Tumbling

Same leotard & shoes as above but pink “transition” tights. Long hair in a ponytail.

Ballet I – X

Black leotard (any style, No skirts, No extreme low backs), pink tights & pink split sole ballet shoes. Hair in a bun and secured away from the face (No hair bows or decorative headbands – neutral flat headbands are ok.) ONLY black sports bras allowed if needed.

Jazz & Lyrical

Black leotard (any style) or a black fitted T-shirt, black cropped or Capri length pants & black jazz shoes (any style). For Lyrical only: toe paws (any brand.) Long hair in a ponytail.


Same clothing as Jazz (no shorts) and black leather lace-up oxford Tap shoes or non-shiny black leather Mary Jane tap shoes. Long hair in a ponytail.

Hip Hop

Black fitted T-shirt or a Boni’s T-Shirt worn with Black fitted leggings (no shorts or baggy clothing). Black lightweight tennis shoes (Converse or Keds low-cut type.). Long hair in a ponytail.

All classwear may be purchased through Curtain Call for Class at
For more information please email

Boni's II 2015-2016 Schedule
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